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Individuals and families, planning for either their future retirement years or their survivor's income needs, can use a GPM Life software program specially designed for family planning needs. Called Family Benefits, the program analyzes a family's current assets including Social Security Benefits, projects them into the future using client chosen assumptions, taking both inflation and taxes into account, and develops an estimate of future income at retirement.

The program also analyzes those same current assets including any life insurance benefits as well as other income sources, and projects surviving spouse and children needs by comparing them to both cash and income objectives.

GPM Life's full product line can fill the needs illustrated by Family Benefits. Life Insurance meets the current income needs illustrated by the Survivors Needs Analysis.

Several specific needs are best satisfied using the tax-free benefits found in personal life insurance policies they include:

  1. Final Expenses
  2. Mortgage Cancellation
  3. Educational Expenses
  4. Child Care Funds
  5. Spouse Income
  6. Charitable Gifts and Bequests

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