Graded Death Benefit (GDB) Whole Life Insurance policy offers a Level Premium, Graded Benefit Whole Life Insurance policy. The death benefit during year one is 30% of the year three sum insured. During year two, it is 70% of the year three sum insured. In the event of accidental death during the first two years, the death benefit is the year three sum insured. There is no accidental death benefit beginning in policy year three.

  • Issuable from Age 20 to 85
  • Min. issue amount $ 10,000 (for age 20-49)
  • Min. issue amount $   3,000 (for age 50-85)
  • Max issue amount $ 35,000 (for age 20-80)
  • Max issue amount $ 10,000 (for age 81-85)

Policy Form 58K SIW06

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