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A Proud Past
In 1934, retired Army Colonel P.J. Hennessey set out to establish a new insurance company. One which would, for the first time, provide life insurance protection to qualified U.S. service members even if they should die as a result of war. Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company was a unique company specifically designed to serve the needs of military personnel.

In 1938, when Blanche Hennessey was elected GPM Life's President, she became the first woman in U.S. history to head a commercial insurance company.

A Solid Present
The years have since proven the soundness of Colonel Hennessey's idea. The Company has survived a depression, major wars and foreign conflicts to grow, prosper and rank among the strongest most respected financial institutions in the nation.

In the spirit of leadership that gave the Company its beginning, GPM Life now offers insurance coverage and service to Federal Civil Service Employees, the civilian population and their families.

Specialty Markets
GPM Life has developed a broad portfolio of special policies, coverages and services which meet the specific needs of individuals and businesses.

Today, in addition to serving Military and Federal Civil Service markets, we offer final expense coverage and coverages for mortgage cancellation, educational funding, family survivor income, and retirement planning.

Premium Options
A process of using government allotments to pay premiums was pioneered by GPM Life and provides ease in premium payments to Military and Federal Civil Service families.

Similar premium options are available to civilian policyholders through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). An authorization provides automatic payment of premiums directly from a banking account.

GPM Life Representatives
Our representatives are trained in Government Benefits, Advanced Underwriting, Retirement Planning and Estate Conservation Methods.  Representatives are dedicated insurance professionals who render complete and competent service with skill and accuracy. Representatives are qualified to analyze and coordinate Military, Federal Civil Service and Social Security Benefits along with personal assets and life insurance into a unified program for financial security.

A Tradition of Concern
Even though we are equipped with state-of-the-art systems, exceptional facilities and a trained staff to keep pace with the ever expanding developments of the 21st century, GPM Life pledges to preserve that tradition of concern for individual needs that inspired its founding.

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